In August 2012 Ti Breizh Limited acquired the trademark of Madame Fromage with the intention of expanding and promoting the name as a stand alone Brand.

Ti Breizh is Breton for Breton House, which is the style of the product and ambience of the shop.

We are a Cheese Specialist and Artisan Delicatessen that manufactures a range of hand made products on site, we are also a unique cafe where you can eat real food - made in front of you!

We are not the fastest cafe in the world... but there must be a reason why a little cafe like ours is the busiest in Cardiff, so much that you will need to book on a Saturday or Sunday...which is a good sign...

We stock over 150 different cheese varieties and if its possible to get it we will.

As well as the shop sales we also wholesale to business, so you can be sure that our stock is fresh and well maintained.

We provide specialist higher quality outside catering for both domestic and business functions with a variety of menus, all of which stray from the usual chicken drumstick or sausage roll....in fact we supply neither....unless forced!

We have a bespoke Hamper service available from the shop or online.

Our Cheese & Meat Platters are legendary, in fact if you have ever been to one of our Friday night Cheese Tasting Evenings, you will understand why they sell out within a day....

However, there's nothing like finding out for yourself, so if you like cheese or good food then come in and see us.